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  • Born: 1984

    Nationality: Finnish

    Team: Milka-Trek MTB Racing Team

    Weight: 63 kg

    Hight: 171 cm


    I started MTB when I was 9 years old.

    I did my first MTB race when I was 11 years old. One day later was my first road race.

    I rode both MTB and road until 17 years old.

    Later I rode only road 6 years. I rode 5 years in Rabobank and one year in Jartazi.

    2006-2007 I had health problems.

    2008 I came back in the Mountain biking with De Brink - Ten Tusscher Team.

    2009 I raced in Finnish National Team.

    2010 In the summer I made contract with Milka-Trek MTB Racing Team.



    European Champion junior 2001

    European Championship 4th XCM

    Finnish Champion elite 2001,09,10


    Winner World Cup junior 2001

    Second World Championship 2002

    Winner stage Ster Electro tour 2005

    Second Tour of Luxemburg 2005

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